Monday, March 9, 2020

Introduction to the Sample of Essay About the Incarceration System

Introduction to the Sample of Essay About the Incarceration SystemThe sample of essay about the incarceration system introduces students to the history of the United States' prison system. It presents an overview of the Civil War era and how these changes shaped our nation's prisons and the people who live in them.Beginning with the American Revolution, students explore the beginning of our nation's incarceration system. They learn about those who participated in this revolution, from the fight for American independence, to the battle for independence, and those who fought in the War of 1812. They learn about the women's suffrage movement, and the reasons why so many American women were imprisoned after the war.Students are introduced to the problems with the prison system, starting with its history of mistreatment of both inmates and guards. While prisons were built to protect society from crime, prisons could also do harm to those it was meant to protect.Today, the story of the pri son continues, as the prison has evolved into a recreation, social, and spiritual pursuit for many Americans. This chapter introduces students to the American pastime and its impact on prisons. It introduces students to the traditions and customs that surround the sport.From there, students move on to examine the formation of the prison system in America. In particular, they explore the roots of the American prison system, and its roots in the institution of slavery. Also, students investigate the ways in which the prison system has evolved over time.Finally, students explore the way in which the prison system and mass incarceration have impacted the United States as a whole. They learn about how the power of fear is alive in our society, as well as our fear of change.Introduction to the Sample of Essay About the Incarceration System provides the basic framework for students to explore the complex relationship between the criminal justice system and our country. It is important for students to understand the links between fear and violence in our society.For those interested in engaging students in a discussion about incarceration and fear, introduction to the Sample of Essay About the Incarceration System can provide the framework to do so. It provides important context and a means for students to start a conversation about the relationship between fear and prison.

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